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If you are looking for a Brokerage partner to take on the task of moving your freight in a timely manner and help control shipping costs, please contact us and allow us to provide a RFQ and let's do business.


In September 2020, Sunteck Transport Group was acquired by the Evans Companies.  This acquisition expanded our available Flatbed, Dry Van and Refrigerated vans to over 7000 pieces of asset based equipment.  The expanded capacity allows us to provide extensive drop and hook capabilities which in turn gives you additional options to meet your shipping or receiving needs.  The acquisition has also increased our reach to Canada as well as all 48 states.


Along with the expanded asset capacity we also offer a full service brokerage with access to over 15,000 independent and mega company carriers in the USA and Canada to help move your product in a timely, safe and price competitive environment.


We are 100% EDI capable and can provide reporting of in and out times to increase the visibility of your products movements.


We are interested in bidding on any current or future RFPS’s and are available to discuss any business opportunities you may have either long or short term.


If you have any questions, needs or concerns, please contact us.

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